Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Perfect Storm... for Spring

Crocus are always the first to open.
April certainly is being ushered in appropriately, as the saying goes... April Showers bring May Flowers! The recent snow and never ending rain is creating the perfect storm for buds to pop open and plants to FINALLY show off their beauty.

A little mini, always first Daffodil to open.
As plants wax and wane with the seasons, so do I. When Spring blossoms begin to open I have serious cabin fever and when Fall finally arrives I'm exausted from gardening and am ready to hunker down and regenerate. My perennial plants go through the same phases - opening bright and cheery in the Spring and dying withered from standing tall while working hard to expand their roots through long hot Summers. Almost relieved to be taking a rest from all the progress they have made during that one season.

Ted holding just two of hundreds of Dahlia he raises.
When thinking back on past Springs I can help but imagine what this year has to offer. Last year I planted hundreds of Daffodils and several perennials and shrubs from my gardening friend Ted's wonderful garden. New plants give me something to look forward to once they get settled in and start to show off. It typically takes a few seasons for plants to regenerate from being started from seed or transplanted. This is the second season for Naked Ladies, May Queen Daisy, Hibiscus, Sedum, Daylily, and Daffodil. I have a special tree bed where I pop in tree starts, allowing them to grow a few seasons to gain some height so hopefully the Deer won't mow them down to the ground. I've learned that planting a small tree out on Forsythia Hill is near certain death. It's not quite time to plant out any into the yard but it is always fun to watch their growth.

Our Mockingbird on guard in HIS Forsythia Hedge.
Of course I am elated to see the Forsythia in bloom on Forsythia Hill in Charlottesville, Virginia. It passes quickly but it's worth the wait. Looking out today the yellow buds are opening on light brown woody stems.  It's pretty cool to just see a mass of yellow without the green leaves that will soon appear. I can see Forsythia out of every window in the house, hence the name of our property. I even transplanted some several seasons ago creating new patches of Forsythia. You can never have enough! It creates a Secret Garden for nature in our yard. Mockingbirds, snakes, mice, rabbits, foxes and who knows what else is hiding in the Forsythia Hedge!

One Forsythia Hedge in peak bloom last year.
The rain is to be here a few more days and then temperatures are to rise, creating the perfect storm for blossoms all over Charlottesville, Virginia to burst open, eager to put on a new year of growth.

HAPPY SPRING. Get out and explore!


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