Thursday, July 11, 2013

Christmas in July Deals on Etsy

Avon Reindeer Ornament use CIJ20 Coupon Code
Beginning today through the end of July, Etsy shops are discounting vintage, crafts, and supplies for the annual Christmas in July Sales Event.  The best way to discover these deals is to use the Search box and enter the acronym CIJ along with the keywords that describe the item you are looking for.

Not only can you find great holiday decor items during Christmas in July but also shops have discounted non-holiday themed items as well so it's a BIG annual sale.  Thus far over 115,000 items are being advertised on Etsy as on sale during this event!

If that seems overwhelming, then have select items served up to you through the CIJ Twitter Feed, Facebook Page or check out the CIJ Pinterest Board.

Snowman Candle Holder use CIJ20 Coupon Code
Forsythia Hill Vintage has knocked off 20% on several non-holiday items and is offering a 20% Off Coupon Code to be used at checkout for holiday themed items.

Some shops have discounted items already for you and others require a coupon code - check the shop announcement to determine exact requirements for you to get your item discounted.

Haeger Art Pottery Bowl already discounted in my shop
Don't dally - I know that many vintage items are one of a kind so what's here at the beginning of the sale may be gone before the end of the month!

Happy shopping.



  1. Here's to Christmas in July!!!! Happy Holiday Shopping to all, and to all some good clicks!

  2. Thank you for promoting CIJ! Happy sales!


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