Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year / Reflection on 2012

Monticello trail pond and Canada Geese.
It's time to reflect back onto what worked and didn't in 2012 (a more positive analogy than good vs. bad).  As the end of 2012 approached I decided my 2013 New Year Resolution was to surround myself with positive thoughts and deliver a positive message in my online writings and photos.  There is way to much  "anger pollution" on the Internet and TV and I choose to not participate and spread more gloom and doom.  If I can provide a moments relief to someone stressing from daily pressures our society invariably produces, then I've participated positively on a global level.

I can not wait until SPRING!
Somehow my tumblr photography blog has amassed 45,000 followers!  I'm not vain enough to think that that many people are actually checking in each day but there is exponentially more activity which makes me want to inspire others rather than be defeatist.

ForsythiaHill Limoges Tea Cups / Saucers 
What began as an experiment to see if I could figure out global Internet selling has blossomed into a full-fledged business.  I now operate two Etsy Vintage Shops and have items on Bonanza and Storenvy.  In 2012, I doubled my sales over 2011 and hope to continue on the upswing by taking Ebay more seriously.  I'm not thrilled about their convoluted fee structure and it is tedious compared to other online stores but one can not ignore the volume of goods moved and customers shopping.  I've focused on selling my family collected treasures but it's hard to not stop at a good old Yard Sale.  It is recommended that you not buy what you like... I now know why, you end up keeping things!  I mean how can I give up my found Rooster Lamp, signed Menaboni Bird Book, or Deco Hand Carved Cat!

The Maymont Trophy for $ saved.
Now that couponing is part of my psyche, I've seem to write less about it.  I continue to mainly focus on Grocery Store deals because that is where we spend most of our income.  In 2012 I saved over $2,600.00 by wisely shopping and couponing.  This does not take into account the numerous items I've found on Freecycle - Book Shelves, Packaging Materials, and even a very expensive Solar Pool Cover with Reel (my top freebie of 2012).  I feel like the really good coupon deals have been reigned in by stores that have figured out how some customers have taken total advantage of the term "discount".  There are still plenty of savings to be found, you just have to know where to look online.  I continue to post my favorite deals on my twitter feed.

My husband grew working up on roofs - not for the timid.
Typically we have an active home improvement project.  This year hopefully my husband will become inspired to paint the "Man Cave", Trellis, and Shed.  My top project is to replace the Kitchen Floor.  It's hard to believe that behind us is the Deck staining, Chimney Liner install, and Kitchen Sink replacement projects that came about in 2012.

No matter what happened in 2012, it has come to an end and you can start anew in 2013.

I wonder if I'll actually make room today for that Yoga session I promised myself... hum... sounds like a good way to step into the New Year.


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