Friday, November 23, 2012

Cyber Monday Deals

Vintage Red Nose Reindeer in my shop.
Cyber Monday is a great day to find online shopping deals.  Mainstream retailers have lots of great deals to be had but I suggest you steer toward the small shops that provide unique gift items.

There are over 800,000 active shops all rolled into one shopping experience on  It has become one of the most popular places to shop online.  Items are restricted to handmade craft items (made by the shop owner), vintage (items 20+ years old), and supplies.  Etsy shop owners take their businesses very seriously and often provide perks such as gift wrapping, gift boxes, etc.  Why not mail a gift directly to a friend or family -- I'm happy to include a nice holiday card signed by you!

Pretty "like new" Gown in my shop.
I've been an Etsy vintage seller for 3 years now and have sold over 300 items.  On Cyber Monday I will be having a 20% off sale in my two Etsy shops.  All items in and miscellaneous Eyewear items in my optical shop, will be 20% off on Cyber Monday.  To receive your discount in ForsythiaHill use COUPON CODE: CyberMonday.  The discount in DontUWantMe is already taken in the listed price for select items.

Decorative Wine Rack for YOU in my shop.
You don't have to buy a "new" item for a gift.  There are many vintage items that are "like new" and far better quality than what is currently made.  Prices are often lower for vintage than new manufactured merchandise and have a history to share.

Don't forget about entertaining this holiday season.  There are wonderfully unique items to be found on Etsy that your friends and family will most definitely comment on!

I hope you will support alternative small business owner shops this holiday season, it might just open  your eyes to a whole new way of shopping.


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