Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lewis Ginter Butterflies Live Exhibit FREE DEALS DAY

Free Coffee at Starbucks to start the trip in full gear.
My husband and I took our annual July 4th road trip to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.  We departed at 8:30 am planning to hit the Butterflies Live exhibit before the lines got really long.  Because July 4th is always FREE ENTRY DAY at Lewis Ginter, it is guaranteed to be busy.  Our first stop was Starbucks to get their July 4th FREE CUP OF JOE Deal.  No lines and no strings attached, picking up a Blonde and a Dark Roast, we were on our way. 

Amazingly we hit NO red stop lights leaving Charlottesville until we arrived in Richmond!  We wondered if possibly an alien space ship was hovering and had commandeered the traffic lights or our vehicle.  No lines at Starbucks and then no red lights --- QUITE STRANGE indeed.

We arrived an hour later at Lewis Ginter and there was already a line formed for the Exhibit.  We waited about 30 minutes and then entered into the warm moist Butterfly Sanctuary.  Over 250 Butterflies emerge during the span of the Exhibit.  It was so fun watching kids interact with the butterflies and adults trying to photograph that perfect shot.  If you have never been to a Butterfly Conservatory, YOU MUST GO! 

Husband in Loblolly Pine grove in the shade!

The good part about Lewis Ginter is that you can find shade and A/C along your trek so we lasted much longer than planned - 5 hours!  There is so much to explore botanically and they even have a Sprinkler Cool Off Area for the kids (I was ready to go in clothes and all). 

Entomologist, Laura Garrett Exhibit
A companion Butterfly Exhibit by Laura Garrett is located in the Library Building corridor.  I have to say that after seeing them flutter alive it was a bit unnerving but the coordination of the frames with the Butterflies was quite interesting.  Also it gives you a close up view of each Species... most not from our area. 

Veggie Pita w/BEST EVER Sweet Potato Fries
We searched the net to find a new place to eat in Richmond but were so hot and hungry that we ended up at the Lewis Ginter Tea House.  Surprisingly it was delicious.  I had a Veggie Pita Hummus Sandwich with a side of crispy steak size Sweet Potato Fries.  A fast meal in nice surroundings and decently priced, the perfect lunch spot!

After picking up a discounted library book about Shrub Species (a great find at $2.00) we headed to the Chinese market to grab some Ginger (another great deal).  Back to reality, our alien space ship no where to be found, hitting mostly red stop lights in Cville, we were home.


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