Friday, May 25, 2012

Perfect Memorial Day Garden

Civil War grave, note Missing Leg.
One of the most fascinating Gardens I've ever visited is located in the historic Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg, Virginia.  Not only is there a interesting history of the Gardens but the Cemetery is the oldest Virginia Public Cemetery containing an estimated 20,000 graves.  Leaving quite an impression are the rows and rows of identical Civil War tombstones.  Lynchburg was the second largest hospital center in Virginia during the Civil War and many fallen men were buried here.

Little pink blossom on a huge Climber.
I first visited the Cemetery last Fall with the Newcomers Club of Greater Charlottesville Gardening Group.  There was little in bloom at that time but even so I was dying (no pun intended) to return in the Spring to see the bare climbing roses and shrubs give life to the graves and grounds.  I stopped by a few weeks ago on my way to Roanoke and it just happened to be the day prior to their annual Antique Rose Festival.  There were easily 100 roses available for purchase and it took me an hour (with the help of a wonderful rose expert) to select the perfect rose for my trellis.  Fragrance #1, climber #2, mauve #3.  I ended up with a hybrid Musk introduced in 1960, Lavender Lassie and it is budding up right now and I can not wait to see it bloom!

Scatter Garden for ashes of loved ones.
The Cemetery contains graves of not only Soldiers but Slaves (many unmarked) and those unable to pay for burial.  At one time the beautiful pond was the city trash dump!  With great care there has been much work carried out at this special place to preserve and document its varied and rich history.  It may surprise you to know that this is actually a popular wedding location complete with a charming historic church that was relocated to the Cemetery.

This Monday on Memorial Day at 3 pm there will be a Confederate Ceremony (a tradition since 1866).  If you are going to be in Lynchburg, this is a MUST MUST SEE.

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