Friday, April 13, 2012

Through the Garden Gate

Tomorrow the wonderful Piedmont Master Gardeners seasonal series, Through the Garden Gate begins.  Occurring the 2nd Saturday of the month from 9 - noon, hosted at a different garden each month.  Hands down, this is my favorite Charlottesville area annual garden tour event.  Featuring absolutely amazing home landscaped gardens at an affordable fee of $5.00 a garden.

2013 Garden Schedule

Just a teeny sneak peek - there is so much more!
Several weeks ago, I was able to get a sneak peek of the magical gardens that are on the tour this weekend. The property of Fran and Andrew Boninti was carpeted in dainty yellows and majestic pinks.  There were so many different varieties of plants it's impossible for me to list them all but Tulips were at their peak and Daffodils were fading. 

Welcome to fairyland.
Nestled in a forest, full of dusting's of native plants, it illustrates how they can be used in any landscape. Little rockery plants tucked here and there and a special place is set aside for their large Daffodil collection.  Obviously a lover of bulbs, my favorite collectible as well, I was in bulb heaven.  Their garden has a wild fairyland feel to it with surprises around every corner.  A mix of plants trail over a rocky hillside giving the garden privacy from the home activity.

Volunteer potting up for the sale!
At the Boninti's, I was happy to help pot up native plants for the upcoming Native Plant Society Sale (another event NOT TO BE MISSED).  Fran was allowing volunteers to dig up plants to pot up for the sale (there were plenty to share).  Come to the plant sale with a box or two because you will fill it up in about 30 seconds upon arrival.

If you love gardens as I do, you will not want to miss this tour series!  Check it out.


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