Monday, March 12, 2012

Dividing Perennials

I'm always amazed at how quickly Spring ends and the heat of the Summer takes over.  I've been dividing bulbs and perennials for 2 weeks now and they are all growing and are in good shape.  It gets so hot here in Central Virginia in the Summer that dividing and planting anything is risky.  I've burned up many a plant and tree by not providing enough water and baking plants to death in the hot sun. 

If you can see it sprouting then go ahead and move it or divide.  Your chances of getting good moisture increase during May showers and decrease as June approaches.

Actually I prefer to transplant bulbs when they are in bloom.  I know that sounds crazy but I can see the bloom and the location of most bulbs and perennials so I won't accidentally dig up something.  Carefully relocating keeps the bloom intact without any problems.  Dividing is another matter.  There is greater risk of harming the bloom if you need to rip apart bulbs and this is better done after bloom or in the fall.


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