Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Uninvited Guest

When we moved here over a year ago, we had no idea that our backyard was harboring so many visually exciting activities.  The screened porch overlooking the backyard with the view of the mountains sold us on the house.  We can now add, the uninvited guest to the list of other discoveries we've made over the last year... the neighbors pond and frogs, plants and bulbs that sprang up after a long winter, strange bugs (they grow them bigger here), a lovely snake, lots of deer, a possum, baby bunnies, a neighborhood July 4th fireworks display that equals the D.C. extravaganza, and the list goes on.

Balloon ride lands on Forsytnia Hill in Charlottesville, Virginia
Outside during the fall months of the year we always hear a familiar sound - a loud whoosh of rushing wind.  Typically we hear it in the distance and it gets louder as it approaches our house.  But this morning I heard a loud blasting kkkkkkuwhooosh that seemed to be in the bedroom with me where I was sound asleep!  I knew immediately that it was a "blog moment"... the closeup photo that I had tried to capture for a year was HERE.

I ran out on the porch deck with my camera wearing my PJ's and discovered a hot air balloon was landing in our yard. 

WOW.  I'm not sure how we could ever top this.  I mean how often do you have a hot air balloon land in your yard.

The uninvited guest seems to land where ever it pleases and it was a joy to see it land and be disassembled right in our backyard!  It truly is one of the fun things we see from our screened porch during the fall months and typically there are three that float together. 

Initially it was kinda strange because the people in the balloon basket were in a frozen state until the runner car arrived to assess the landing site and determine if the balloon could be dismantled and safely removed.  I was attempting to cover up my PJ's with a coat that I had hurriedly grabbed when the driver in the basket called out to me, "Hello, beautiful mornin' isn't it".  I was looking pretty haggard at that moment but it truly was a beautiful morning!

Look at the balloon in my yard on Forsythia Hill in Charlottesville, Virginia

The whole packing up the balloon sequence took about 40 minutes.
It's hard to believe that five passengers, the basket, and balloon all fit into one van and cart!

The End and a beautiful mornin' to you!

- Rebecca

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  1. Such a neat post! Thanks for sharing :)


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